Yoga Inspiration and Tips

Beat the Monday morning blues with this yoga inspiration from yogi Osho!

Yoga isn’t just a sport; it’s a practice. So like any other practice, sometimes you just don’t feel like doing it! It’s always tough to find motivation on a Monday. Stretch into the new week with this inspirational quote from yoga master Osho.

Yoga Inspiration

Monday motivation: yoga inspiration and tips from HEX Performance

Yoga Tips: Live Clean

Maintain your best yoga clothes and gear

Don’t risk that awkward feeling of knowing you’re the one in yoga class who stinks! Wash stinky yoga clothes with HEX to keep them performing like new. This isn’t just any old laundry detergent. HEX is new, and built to clean and restore your high-end sweat wicking, breathable clothing.

Yoga tip: how to clean yoga clothes and gear

Put HEX to the test to rescue your favorite yoga outfits. Trust us, it’ll save you in yoga class! HEX is new at select Target stores, Wegmans, ShopRite, Shaws & Star Market, Giant Eagle, and more! Check our store locator to see if we’re in your favorite supermarket or fitness boutique!

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